Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Doughnut Day! Celebrate with Tomatoes

OK, tomatoes have absolutely nothing to do with doughnuts—although I could imagine a tomato-infused cake doughnut, covered in cinnamon 
sugar. . . . I just couldn’t let this important day go by without mention, despite the fact that the most carb-loaded thing I am eating is a couple of sweet vegetables.  I did have two doughnuts from a local doughnut shop this week on my way to Phoenix—one must get them when one can—so it is not as if I am being virtuous or anything. And I will make doughnuts for the blog this summer.  But for doughnut day today:  tomatoes.

It is hot—nearly 5:00 p.m. and still 107F—and I am tired, tired, tired.  This combination means, in no uncertain terms, no cooking.  Fortunately, I have some rather nice heirloom tomatoes from our rather nice Farmers Market. I also had a few local carrots. So I made this little sweet salad.  It seemed to want an old-fashioned dressing, and just a breath of  it, so I stuck with corn oil, cider vinegar, salt (no pepper), and one of my favorite ingredients, ground caraway seed. With everything fresh and local, including the onion, it makes for a tasty light supper accompanied by another hot-weather essential, Campari and orange with a splash of soda. Followed by a doughnut, if you are lucky enough to have one on hand.

THT (too hot and tired) Tomato Salad

This isn’t really a recipe so much as a list of things to toss together. Serves 1, generously.

2 medium carrots, finely shredded
1 ripe heirloom tomato of your choice (this is a German Stripe), roughly sliced vertically
1 very thin slice onion, halved
1 T corn oil
1-1 ½ tea cider vinegar
Salt to taste
Big pinch—maybe ½ tea—ground caraway seed

Set the tomato aside. Mix the rest of the ingredients and let stand 15 minutes or so, then toss in the tomato and correct for seasoning. Resist the temptation to add a green herb, you’ll spoil it.