Friday, January 1, 2010

“Take a cup ‘o kindness. . .


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         . . . for auld lang syne” (Robert Burns 1788).

What kinder reminder of auld acquaintance than an award-winning 1995 bottle of Westport Rivers brut cuveé RJR from just over the Little Compton line? Like an old friend, full of life and beautiful as the day we met, after all these years. And the better for them.

I have not forgotten you, my old friends, despite having been so absent from the kitchen blog, if not entirely from the kitchen itself. Christmas in New York was beautiful, and Christmas Eve dinner was, my son and I agreed, one of the best dinners we have ever eaten. Together makes the simple sublime.

Wishing you a New Year of of health, contentment, and simple food, together. A cup 'o kindness is my best recipe; feel free to share. Happy 2010.