Saturday, June 23, 2012

Arizona to Little Compton: Blog Limbo

I tried to plan my packing for RI around the blog, I really did. Now that I am too far away to drive back and forth without eating up two weeks, I ship a few boxes to Little Compton in advance, timed so they will arrive a day or so before I do. Into the boxes go the heavy clothing—the sweatshirts and cotton sweaters for walks on a windy beach, the rubber shoes for walks in dew-soaked early-morning fields—the farm dresses and other country clothes, and the stuff I will need to get some work done. That is the tricky part—deciding what can be packed and sent off weeks in advance that will not be needed in the meantime, and what has to be held back to bring on the plane.  Fear of forgetting a certain item can color one’s judgment, and regret invariably sets in a day or so after dropping the boxes off to UPS, when you suddenly need something that you were a little too worried about leaving behind.

This year it was the cable for transferring photos from my camera to my computer. I like to use a camera rather than my iphone for blog photos, although in practice I tend to use both. I packed the cable in one of the boxes because I didn’t want to forget it, and now I can’t transfer the photos I took for the blog this week. The cable from my old camera (this one is new), doesn’t fit; it has a microscopically different shaped plug that goes into the camera. Really, Olympus and Canon, get with the program.

So I can’t show you the peach and raspberry tart I made with the really nice Arizona cling peaches I bought at the farmer’s market this week. They were, like the strawberries a few weeks ago, from Yuma, and they were drop-dead gorgeous: juicy, sweet, tender. That’s them mixed in with other local produce (fabulous tomatoes); the growing season is in full swing here. I’ve been drawing down inventory prior to leaving for the rest of the summer, and made roughly this peach pizza recipe, but used a butter-lard pastry I had in the freezer and added 6 ounces of raspberries (they’ve been incredibly cheap). This was the most psychedelically colorful tart I’ve ever made: the bright orangey peach slices and the brilliant cerise of the raspberries (odd how the names of two different fruits seem more descriptive here than their own). A picture is worth many words, so I will post one when I am reunited with my camera cable. See you in LC.

P.S. I just noticed that a post from a few years ago on grassfed beef has appeared as a post for today. Haven't got a clue...

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