Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contact Me: Who Knew

Somehow along the way of doing this blog over the past three years, my email address disappeared from my profile information. I had noticed that not as many people were emailing me as during the first year or two that I started Little Compton Mornings, but it wasn’t until one of you mentioned recently that you could not find an email address for me that I realized that I had dropped the ball when I changed my account information. You may remember that sometime after that, I discovered I had dozens of unanswered comments. So apologies again; I didn’t realize there was still no contact information.


So I have put a little “Contact Me” button under my photo and, well, you are! I have gotten an amazing number of emails in a very short time (my readers have always been more the letter-writing than the commenting kind, it seems). I’ve had several nice notes, and requests for help sourcing ingredients. I got a request to re-publish some of my posts on a regular basis in The Sakonnet Times, Little Compton’s local newspaper, which I granted. And I got an invitation to judge the New England Dairy Cook-Off and Chef's Challenge, sponsored by Hood Milk, in Portland, ME on Oct 30. I have a prior commitment that date and cannot go, but perhaps you can. In fact, perhaps you can enter! Information is here. 

Keep in touch, Jane

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